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Blinds & Canopies Blog

Blinds in Nottingham


My flat in Nottingham has really large windows and I’ve been wanting to buy blackout blinds for a while now, but never got round to it.

I currently have curtains that I want to keep, as well as having black out blinds fitted. I don’t want to just have blinds as I feel the bedroom would look naked without curtains.

My flat is rented and the landlord will not pay for the blinds in Nottingham, as he is too tight, every time there is a problem with the flat he always tries and fobs you off. I can’t wait for the tenancy agreement to be up so I can move in somewhere else. I find it really difficult to sleep at night, as the room never goes dark due to strong lighting outside the apartment.

I have been looking at various window blinds in Nottingham and there are so many to choose from. They are not expensive either so I can’t understand why the landlord wont pay for them, it’s not like they cost hundreds of pounds.

The apartment is great otherwise, I love the spacious rooms and large bay windows, the flat has a really nice garden with an apple and pear tree. It’s great in the summer, but the only problem is the light in the room in the evening especially the bedroom. I think I am going to have to pay for the window blinds myself to get a goodnight kip.

Blinds in Northampton

I’ve moved into this large Edwardian house in Northampton and have decided that I would like some window blinds fitted. I would like to find a manufacturer who makes made to measure blinds in Northampton at a reasonable price.

The house has three bedrooms, two reception rooms, a kitchen, dining room and a downstairs shower. I would like blinds in the bedrooms and dining room. I quite like the look of venetian blinds as a friend of mine has them and they looked gorgeous in wood. I would love to have something similar in my new house.

I’m not sure which manufacturer of window blinds in Northampton to choose, as there are so many advertising in the directory.

I have been looking into the type of window blinds in Northampton and there are so many to choose from. There are loads of different ones, so I will need to go into the shops and showrooms to see for myself and decide which ones are best for me.

I am hoping the manufacturer or window blinds fitters can come round and do all the measuring and take all the specifications and give me a quote as I know I would probably make a mess of the sizes. I think some even offer a no obligation quote. Once I’ve got a list of prices I can then make a decision, which is the best one for me and my new home in Northampton.

Blinds in Newcastle

I was visiting a friend up in Newcastle as she has moved there for work. She has bought the most gorgeous house in the Jesmond area. The house has a beautiful garden, which has been designed on a Japanese garden. I loved all the water features – it really had the Japanese ‘Zen Garden’ feeling to it.

All the rooms had window blinds in them made from natural wood. She even had blackout blinds in the bedrooms. The rooms had high ceilings and were really spacious. I’ve never considered having window blinds, but after seeing Rachel’s house I think I might have to. Rachel said she researched online about window blinds in Newcastle and found a really good reputable company, which has been established for a while. She said she wanted wooden blinds as they look really stylish and elegant in this style of house and look so much better than chintzy curtains.  She was telling me about all the different types of blinds available these days.

I’ve never been to Newcastle before, but I loved it. We had a night out in the town, the people were so friendly and hospitable. I will definitely be going back up soon. I have already started looking for window blinds in Newcastle. I also think the living costs are a lot cheaper in Newcastle than the south. Especially a night out on the town – you get change when ordering two drinks at the bar. How amazing!

Blinds in Manchester

I currently live in a rented house in Manchester with three other professionals who all work in the Greater Manchester area. The house is a lovely old Victorian terrace in the Didsbury area. The landlord has been renovating the house bit by bit as it’s quite old. He has even asked us what furnishings we would like in the house. We have all signed up for another year with him, so I think he is quite happy with us.

I told the landlord I would like some modern window blinds fitted in the house and my other housemates could not agree with me anymore. Susan my other housemate wants blackout blinds in her rooms as she said the street lamp is right outside her bedroom and it never goes dark. I told the landlord I would like some posh looking Roman blinds, and possibly vertical blinds in the living room and horizontal ones in the Kitchen as the curtains always get in the way.

I said to the landlord I would go along with him when he goes shopping for the blinds in Manchester so I can give him my opinion. He said he’s not very good at picking items for interiors even though he owns five homes, which are all rented out in the Manchester area. He was telling me he would not have a clue where to buy window blinds in the Manchester area and I said I would help by researching online for him on the weekend.

Blinds in Maidstone

I have lived in Maidstone for over 30 years. I grew up in Kent but my children were all born in Maidstone and live nearby. I’ve been renovating my new flat slowly in my spare-time and on the weekends.

I went shopping for a new bathroom as the current one is really outdated and needed updating.  I was really lucky I beat the VAT increase and got a small discount because I knew the manager, which was a real bonus. I’m looking to buy some tables and bedroom furniture and blinds in Maidstone.

I had a look online for window blinds in Maidstone and I noticed that there were quite a few different retailers selling blinds in  Maidstone. There are also quite a few shops selling them at really cheap prices. In my opinion blinds looks so much better than curtains.

I have still to decide, which types of blinds I want for the flat. I do like the look of those wooden blinds and also these roman blinds. I would also like to buy some new wardrobes for all my clothes, as I have so many. I should think about selling them online or give them away to charity or something. It’s just finding the time that is the problem. I’m such an accumulator when it comes to things like clothes, books and antiques. I need to clear out all the junk and sell it then I can put the money towards my lovely new window blinds.

Blinds in London

I love London it’s such an awesome city – it really doesn’t sleep. There is always something to do there – you’d never get bored for sure. A friend of mine has recently bought a house there and my partner and I wet down for their house warming party.

 The house is a cute Edwardian style home in a nice suburb of North London, near Finchley. My friend Pat gave us the grand tour when we arrived and I fell in love with the house straightaway, I wished I lived there. It was truly beautiful inside and out. The house has been done to a high specification, all the fixtures and fittings were of good quality. I loved the window blinds in all the rooms, especially the wooden venetian blinds.

 Pat explained that window blinds in London are a la mode right now. And I have to say they looked amazing and complimented the rooms and the furniture. One of the rooms is very funky and retro – the matching bright coloured window blinds make the room look uber trendy and modern. I never knew you could get blinds in funky colours to match your furniture.

 You are really spoilt for choice when buying window blinds in London, said Pat. It took her weeks choosing which blinds to have fitted and in what material. Her furniture is all Italian made and looks really posh. When I saw the kitchen I nearly died – it has to be the trendiest kitchen in London and with those window blinds it definitely is a design house and should be featured in a magazine or on TV.

Blinds in Leicester

I really heart Leicester, especially all the Asian shops, it reminds me of my holiday in India. I love those Asian sweets called ladoo. They are AMAZING! I’m always visiting my friends there and love bringing back goodies for me to gorge on at home.

 I was visiting a friend in Leicester last month, as she has just opened a new interior furnishings business. The launch party went really well there were loads of people there including local press. Her new business stocks all sorts of things for the home from wallpaper, cushions, furniture and window blinds in Leicester. I loved some of the cushions, which were all handmade in India and Pakistan. They were really beautiful, pieces of art, with all the embroidery. I ended up buying two – plus she gave me a discount.

 I noticed these wooden window blinds that were on display in the shop, my friend said that window blinds were really popular right now. I have to say I was really impressed with them. They looked so elegant and professional. She said they were available in all sorts of colours and could be made to measure and were popular with businesses and for private homes.  She said she has received a lot of orders for window blinds in Leicester and the blinds were one of the most popular items being bought right now in her shop. I think I might even get some window blinds from her when I move to Leicester next year for work.

Blinds in Hertfordshire

Buying a new house is so stressful. I’m a single mum with a six year-old boy and work full-time. I bought my new house in Hertfordshire at an auction, as it was repossessed and I got a bargain. The house was in pretty good knick, so did not need much work doing to it. I just had to paint it, clean the garden and furnish it to my standards with things like curtains, window blinds and furniture.

I decided to have blinds in fitted in all the rooms as they look so much better than curtains. It was really easy to find window blind fitters in Hertfordshire.  There are so many to choose from. Plus many of them these days can come to your house and give you a free no obligation quote, they measure all the windows, saving you time and hassle.

In my house I opted to have roman blinds in the bedrooms, vertical blinds in the living rooms, venetian blinds in the kitchen, and in one of the attic rooms I decided to have black-out blinds fitted.  The window is really big it lets in so much light that it doesn’t go dark in the evenings.

I found various manufacturers and retailers online that provide window blinds in Hertfordshire. Once I decided which ones I liked I decided to pop into the shop and take a look for myself and arranged to have a quote – it wasn’t that expensive. I’m really happy with the blinds in my rooms.

Blinds in Cardiff

Cardiff is a great place to live, we moved here about five weeks ago due to work. We have been renovating our home on the weekends as my partner and I both work full-time in 9-5 jobs.

The house has a lot of work to be done to it, it’s a good thing I love renovating. I’m currently looking at various window blinds in Cardiff. I told my partner I do not want curtains in any of the rooms – only window blinds. I did not realise that there were so many different types of window blinds available – you really are spoilt for choice these days. I think I would like wooden blinds in the kitchen, roman blinds in bedrooms and possibly vertical blinds in the lounge and dining room.

In Cardiff there are a lot of window blind retailers and manufacturers, which is a good thing for us as we do not have to travel too far to choose which ones we want.

We are also having a brand new conservatory fitted end of the month and I’m hoping we have enough left in our budget to get some made to measure window blinds. Our next door neighbour has just had a lovely conservatory fitted and managed to get a good deal on some made to measure blinds in a Cardiff shop. I’m hoping that we can also find a bargain, as window blinds look so much better than chintzy curtains especially in a modern house.

Blinds in Cambridge

I have lived in Cambridge for over 50 years. I grew up here and my children also live nearby. I’ve been re-decorating my house bit buy bit in my spare-time and on the weekends.

Last week I went shopping for a new kitchen as the current one is really outdated and needs modernising.  I was really lucky as managed to get a really good deal and I beat the VAT increase, which was a real bonus. I’m hoping to buy some cushions and shelves and blinds in Cambridge. Every month when I get paid I buy something for the house as I can’t afford to but everything in one go.

I was having a look online for window blinds in Cambridge. I noticed that there were quite a few different retailers selling blinds in  Cambridge. There are also a few shops selling them at reasonable prices. I really think they look so much better than curtains and nettings, which look so granny!

I have still to decide, which types of blinds I want for the house. I like the look of these roller blinds and also these roman blinds. I would also like to buy some new shelves for all my books, as I have so many. I should think about selling them online or giving them away to charity or something. It’s just finding the time that is the problem. I’m such a hoarder when it comes to things like books, antiques and things for the house. I need to clear out all the junk and sell it then I can put it towards my lovely new window blinds.