I currently live in a rented house in Manchester with three other professionals who all work in the Greater Manchester area. The house is a lovely old Victorian terrace in the Didsbury area. The landlord has been renovating the house bit by bit as it’s quite old. He has even asked us what furnishings we would like in the house. We have all signed up for another year with him, so I think he is quite happy with us.

I told the landlord I would like some modern window blinds fitted in the house and my other housemates could not agree with me anymore. Susan my other housemate wants blackout blinds in her rooms as she said the street lamp is right outside her bedroom and it never goes dark. I told the landlord I would like some posh looking Roman blinds, and possibly vertical blinds in the living room and horizontal ones in the Kitchen as the curtains always get in the way.

I said to the landlord I would go along with him when he goes shopping for the blinds in Manchester so I can give him my opinion. He said he’s not very good at picking items for interiors even though he owns five homes, which are all rented out in the Manchester area. He was telling me he would not have a clue where to buy window blinds in the Manchester area and I said I would help by researching online for him on the weekend.