I was shopping for window blinds in Stoke on Trent last week and could not believe how reasonable the prices were. I always assumed they were really expensive and for posh folk. I was pleasantly surprised with the prices and even the choice on offer.

I’ve always had curtains but felt I wanted something modern for my house as we have lovely big windows and having blinds will make the windows a great feature. I’m still looking for the right blinds, I’m sure I will find the right ones soon.

I was in one shop in Stoke on Trent and was chatting with the sales advisor who was ever so helpful and professional. He explained to me all the different types of window blinds available, including sizes, materials and colours. I was gobsmaked, I didn’t realise you had so much choice. When I got home I started looking online for different window blinds in Stoke on Trent and researching the different options available. I really like the look of those wooden venetian blinds. They look really stylish and smart.  I have quite an old house but it looks really modern from inside, so having wooden blinds will give the place some much needed character and personality.

I’ve organised for a shop in Stoke in Trent to come round and measure the windows and give me a price for the window blinds, so I can compare prices and decide what to do next.