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Blinds in Newcastle

I was visiting a friend up in Newcastle as she has moved there for work. She has bought the most gorgeous house in the Jesmond area. The house has a beautiful garden, which has been designed on a Japanese garden. I loved all the water features – it really had the Japanese ‘Zen Garden’ feeling to it.

All the rooms had window blinds in them made from natural wood. She even had blackout blinds in the bedrooms. The rooms had high ceilings and were really spacious. I’ve never considered having window blinds, but after seeing Rachel’s house I think I might have to. Rachel said she researched online about window blinds in Newcastle and found a really good reputable company, which has been established for a while. She said she wanted wooden blinds as they look really stylish and elegant in this style of house and look so much better than chintzy curtains.  She was telling me about all the different types of blinds available these days.

I’ve never been to Newcastle before, but I loved it. We had a night out in the town, the people were so friendly and hospitable. I will definitely be going back up soon. I have already started looking for window blinds in Newcastle. I also think the living costs are a lot cheaper in Newcastle than the south. Especially a night out on the town – you get change when ordering two drinks at the bar. How amazing!