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Blinds in Preston

I moved to Preston last month to be closer to my parents as they are quite elderly. They are both in there 70s now, but are mobile and self-reliant. They would never ask for help as they are too stubborn. I bought a small flat near them as I could not afford to buy a house on my salary. I was quite lucky to find a job in Preston so that made things easier.

I still have loads of items in storage, which I am trying to sell as I don’t have the space in my flat in Preston. The new flat is really modern and does  not need much work doing to it, just my personal touch. I’ve started selling some items online on sites such as Gumtree and eBay. I’m hoping I can shift it all soon as the storage fees are not cheap.

The flat has really high windows, which are nice, but it’s a nightmare in the evening as the rooms never get dark and I can’t sleep if the room is not pitch black. I’ve looked online about getting some blackout blinds for the flat and was really impressed to find that they were so cheap. I don’t know why I thought window blinds would be so expensive. There are quite a few different window blind fitters in Preston and in Lancashire.

My parents have said they want blinds fitted in their home, but they want the posh wooden ones in their living room. I think they are called venetian blinds, most of the window blinds in Preston are pretty cheap so they will be pleased.